This Thesis Review is on the legal protection for victims of sexual violence against children and women, as a result of the increasing levels of sexual violence against children and women that occur today. This is certainly very worrying because of the increased incidents occurred after the issuance of regulations that to overcome them. As for the problem in this thesis is How legal protection for victims of sexual violence against children and women and how the system of punishment against child sex offenders and women. Writing this thesis is done normative research method that is in its study do based on material of law from literature and is as a process to find rule of law, legal principles, and legal doctrines to answer the contents of law faced. Legal protection for children and women is an absolute thing done by the government as an institution responsible for the sustainability of orderly, peaceful and prosperous society life. This Given that children and women are weak people who need more attention, for that matter as a State that upholds the value of Human Rights and contains the equality before the law principle in its constitution always this protection is done. In the case of legal protection of children and women, the government has now issued a special criminal solution on child sexual abuse, by giving maximum penalty in the form of capital punishment or life imprisonment even by issuing a policy of imposing additional criminal punishment on the perpetrator of the crime.

Keywords: legal protection, children and women

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