In Indonesia, business competition between producers (business actors) and other producers (business actors), which in attracting consumers or profits of business actors often use a variety of ways that are not in accordance with the rules set by the government. The existence of such business actors may result in harm to the public or the consumer, and by such actions the rights of the consumer are not protected. So some of the issues that will be discussed are as follows: 1. How the rights and obligations of business actors against beauty equipment products? 2. What is the responsibility of the business actor against the violation of the provisions of the beauty equipment product ?. Problems discussed later using the Normative method, this study only aimed at the written regulations and legislation so that this rule is very closely related because of this writing requires data that is secondary to the library.
The result of the research shows that the right and obligation of business actor to beauty equipment product is based on the sound of Article 6 of Law Number 8 Year 1999 concerning Consumer Protection. The right of business actor includes: the right to receive payment in accordance with the agreement on the condition and exchange value of goods and/or services traded, the right to get legal protection from unfavorable behavior of consumers, the right to conduct self-defense properly in the settlement of law Consumer dispute. While the obligations of business actors include: providing correct, clear and honest information about the condition and guarantee of goods and/or services and giving explanation of the use, repair and maintenance, treat or serve the consumer properly and honestly and not discriminative and guarantee the quality of goods and/or services produced and/or traded under the provisions of the applicable quality standards of goods and/or services. Responsibility of business actors against breach of cosmetic product provisions shall be Business actors who sell goods and/or services to other business actors shall remain liable for claims for damages and/or claims of consumers even if they have no contractual relationship with the consumer concerned.

Keywords: Legal Protection, Business Actor, Beauty Equipment

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