Football represent very important medium to support development of good nation is physical area, bouncing and also spiritual in order to realizing prosperous and fair society flattened and proportional pursuant to Five Principles and Constitution State Republic Of Indonesia 1945. Efficacy of construction of football measured from reached achievement. The reaching of achievement culminate National Indonesia football determined by some factor, one of them is coach. To reach for successfulness not rarely Indonesia football klub use foreign coach service. In successfulness of growth of Indonesia football world with foreign coach, not yet of course without conflict exist in in is internal of klub. Conflict which often happened between foreign coach with an football klub is the problem of work agreement, foreign coach immigration status and fee / monthly salary which do not be paid intactly and others. As for the problem poured in formula is problem of, for example : How form agreement of which can give protection to Foreign Coach? How legal consequences in the event of wanprestasi in solving of activity between football klub with foreign coach ? Research method which is used in writing of this skripsi is to use method research of normatif with approach of law and regulation and conceptual approach related to the problem of this skripsi. To get result of more comprehensive hence this research is also supported by digging information of side of klub football of Pelita Great Bandung. As for source of law materials which is used in compilation of this skripsi is materials punish materials and primary punish sekunder, and gathering of law materials the used is analyzed bibliography study by utilizing descriptive deductive law logic judicially in the form of skripsi. From entire/all network process this research can be concluded by that is : Form work agreement able to give protection to foreign coach is agreement form written having special character, existence of an protection of other party or third party utilize gift of protection at foreign coach, wanprestasi give legal consequences to side conducting it and bring consequence to incidence of side rights harmed to claim side conducting wanprestasi to give indemnation, so that by law expected in order not to there is one side even also which is harmed because wanprestasi
Keyword : Work agreement, football, foreign coach

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